Christmas 2012

Welcome to the Almeida Christmas update for 2012!

We’ve had a busy year, as anyone who’s been following our blog is aware — world travels from 18 January to 21 September, and then some time with Earl’s family in Ontario, and a quick stop in Winnipeg to meet Charlotte’s new niece, Lola, before we arrived back in Vancouver, BC.

Here are some of the highlights of our travels. Click on the links to jump to the related stories.


Visiting with family in India, Holland and London
Clockwise from top left: Swimming with elephants in Laos
Taking a cooking class in Jodphur, India
A self-drive safari in Kruger National Park, South Africa
Seeing the pyramids in Egypt, up close…
Clockwise from top left: Visiting Nemrut in central Turkey
Experiencing many castles (this one is Peleş, in Romania)
Being in London for the Olympics
Visiting the ruggedly beautiful island of Iceland.
Travelling for several weeks with Earl’s mom through Vienna, Bratislava, Prague, Ireland, and London, England.
Meeting up with old friends:
(top) Amy in Thailand; the Protheroes in Kenya; Teddi and Evelina in Sofia; Andy Bond and his wife Natalie in Sheffield, UK
(bottom) Ellen (from Sweden), Melody (from Canada) and Greta (from the US) all living in Turkey; Mayra in Oxford, UK; and Piers and Lana in Edinburgh.
And making new friends all over the world!
(top) Wandering Earl in Bucharest, Romania; Hiking in Sofia, Bulgaria; Cooking with Rekha & Anil in Jodhpur, India; Maureen and her kids in Malindi, Kenya; Hanna & Emil in Colombo, Sri Lanka; travelers Chris & Kathrin after a meal and saffron lassi in Jodphur, India
(middle) Thomas & Elisabeth on the Camel Safari in Jaisalmer, India; locals Tuba, Nedyet & their kids in Adana, Turkey; Colleen & Emma riding elephants in Laos; Therese in Turkey
(bottom) Anne & Tim in Mbabane, Swaziland; Linda and friends on a walking tour in Bucharest; Yusuf our driver around Sanliurfa, Turkey; Snejana, her family and the wonderful people in Smilyan, Bulgaria


Now, we’re sure everyone is wondering what’s next? What are we doing now, and when do we plan to settle down a bit? And where’s the rest of the blog?

Well, the blog is still going. We were enjoying our travels too much to keep it up-to-date during our trip, so we were always behind on articles and still have lots to write about. Until the end of October, we were trying to match the date of our articles with the time we were in those areas. When we returned to BC, we wanted to also share a little of our current adventures, while continuing to blog about our travels. So each week we will be posting stories about our world trip, but will also post about some of the fun stuff we are up to now. Writing the articles now lets us look back on those memories fondly and reminds us how fortunate we were to be able to take a trip like that.

In terms of where we are living, we accepted a house-sitting assignment for the winter on the Sunshine Coast of BC (which is between Vancouver and Powell River, where Charlotte’s parents live). We realized during our travels that there were many things in Canada, often times in our own backyard, that we don’t get the chance to appreciate, and we’ve decided to spend some time being Backyard Travelers and enjoying our area around us a little more. Don’t let the name fool you though – the Sunshine Coast is not that sunny here at this time of year! Nonetheless, we have enjoyed our first 2 months here so far and it’s been nice to spend some time on several occasions with Charlotte’s family, and have her brothers and parents come to visit. Hopefully we’ll have a few more opportunities in the New Year to see each other too.

House-sitting has been fun too, as we’re able to really experience another community, and live in some beautiful houses, without being fully-committed to living in that community for a long time. And as a bonus, we’re beginning to make some great friends!

In the meantime, we’ve also both accepted positions with a company called RevLocal, to start their Canadian Division. RevLocal helps small and medium businesses with their online marketing. We’re both really excited to be able to partner with small businesses to help them be competitive online. We just started at the beginning of December and are still adjusting to the routine of waking up early and working every day.

And what about the rest of the year? Well, we’ll keep you posted. As we mentioned above, we’ll be on the Sunshine Coast for the winter, specifically until the end of March. Visitors are welcome to join us for a weekend if they wish. It’s a beautiful place for a short visit. We are already looking at house-sitting opportunities in the Vancouver area for the spring. So if you know of anyone who will be away for a few months and needs a house sitter, let us know!

We wish you a fabulous Christmas. Keep in the forefront of your mind why we celebrate the holiday — Jesus came to Earth as a baby, to live among us, and then give his life as the Savior of the world. We are so blessed and thankful to have the opportunities and comforts we do. We appreciate you all as our family and friends, and look forward to hearing from you soon.

Many blessing and much love this Christmas, and all the best in the New Year!

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