Cool Links

Here’s a list of some of other sites and some tools that we really like.

Our Sites

Foolish Gardeners LogoFoolish Gardeners

In the summer of 2015 we started getting into gardening.  Instead of just a few pots, we went all out with a few permanent garden beds.  Considering we had no previous gardening experience and were renting our place and could have to move in the near future, it was maybe a little foolish.



iPadNomads logoiPadNomads

On our 8 month adventure we just carried a backpack with 2 sets of clothes and an iPad to communicate with family and friends. We enjoyed our travels so much we didn’t do a great job of keeping up with the blog.  Nearly 5 years later and we still have a few months of travels to share about that we might get to at some point but if you’re interested in the Asia, Africa and Eastern Europe part of our trip, there’s some good stuff there.



Cool Tools


A great tool to back up your files or share a file with a friend without having to email it back and forth. Use this referral link to sign up for your free 2 GB account and we’ll both receive an additional 500 MB of storage!